Hankyu REIT
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General Unitholders' Meeting

In compliance with the Investment Trust and Investment Corporation Law (the Investment Trust Law) of Japan as well as certain specific items concerning Hankyu REIT, Inc. (Hankyu REIT) specified in Hankyu REIT's Articles of Incorporation (such as amendments to the Articles of Incorporation, election and dismissal of Executive Directors, Supervisory Directors, and Accounting Auditors), shall be decided at General Unitholders' Meeting, which consist of Hankyu REIT's unitholders.
General Unitholders' Meeting of Hankyu REIT shall be held more than once every two years in the City of Osaka.

The next (10th) General Unitholders’ Meeting of Hankyu REIT is scheduled to be held on the following date.
Date of meeting: August 24, 2018 (Friday)
Record date: May 31, 2018 (Thursday)
The unitholders who can exercise their voting rights at the above General Unitholders’ Meeting are those unitholders listed or registered in the final unitholders’ register dated May 31, 2018 (Thursday).